Japanese Sushi Rice

From now on, the quality of rice will determine your sales.

For businessTop chef Sushi Rice (Japanese Rice)

Our vision for Japanese Sushi Rice is to cherish the ideal of "choosing rice by taste to match the cuisine." We will fully support your rice, from selection to cooking, and help you bring the thoughts and commitment of chefs to life.

Committed toHachidaime Gihey's Six Commitments

We carefully select only 'delicious rice' based on Gihey's standards, not just famous regions or brands.

Selective Criteria: "Delicious Rice" Beyond Famous Origins

Surprisingly, the regions capable of producing delicious rice vary each year. Typical rice Commercialrs select rice based on famous regions and brands, using component analysis with a taste meter. In contrast, Hachidaime Gihey, drawing from 25 years of accumulated proprietary taste data, prioritizes the taste of Gihey by selecting delicious rice without being limited to specific regions or brands. We always source rice that meets Gihey's standards for taste.

We collaborate closely with producers to improve rice quality, aiming for excellent taste.

Collaborative Effort with Producers for Outstanding Taste

In reality, the regions that produce delicious rice change over time. Due to recent climate changes and abnormal weather conditions, we have entered into exclusive cultivation contracts with select producers from regions and communities where the taste of rice remains consistent over multiple years. We visit the producers and provide feedback on the taste of rice each year, requesting production methods that align with our desired quality. This collaborative effort with producers ensures that we can maintain Gihey's standard of rice quality.

We use a low-temperature milling process with temperatures below 30°C in winter and 34°C in summer to minimize stress on the rice.

Low-Temperature Milling to Minimize Stress on Rice

The most significant factor that can compromise the taste of rice produced by farmers is the heat generated during the milling process. Generally, rice milling temperatures exceed 45°C. However, Hachidaime Gihey has established its unique milling method, "Bihada Milling®" (low-temperature, low-speed milling). "Bihada Milling®" mills rice at temperatures below 30°C in winter and 34°C in summer, preserving the moisture-retaining film on the surface of rice grains. This results in a smooth texture, excellent mouthfeel, and sweetness in the rice, meeting Gihey's quality standards. (Note: Rice milled at temperatures above 35°C loses its sweetness.)

We invest over 10 times more effort in the rice milling process than conventional practices to faithfully reproduce the original taste of rice.

More Than 10 Times the Effort for Authentic Rice Taste

Conventional rice Commercialrs prioritize efficiency in the industrial rice milling process. In contrast, Hachidaime Gihey invests over 10 times more effort and time, with rice craftsmen inspecting rice daily and constantly checking rice milling conditions. Additionally, adjustments to machines such as milling pressure and flow rates are made three times a year for each rice variety based on outside temperature changes (mid-December for temperatures below 10°C, early April for temperatures above 20°C, late June for temperatures above 30°C). This meticulous approach ensures that we bring out 100% of the original taste of rice.

We pursue depth and flavor that goes beyond single-origin rice, achieving a unique rice flavor with a 1% difference in blend ratios.

Pursuing Depth and Flavor Beyond Single-Origin Rice

The appeal of blended rice lies in the fact that it can create flavors beyond the sum of its parts. To enhance the taste of these ingredients further, we meticulously explore differences as small as 1% in blend ratios, producing a uniquely rich and flavorful rice that goes beyond what single-origin rice can offer.

We offer an exclusive 'Ultimate Cooking Manual' that has amazed one million people and cannot be replicated by others.

Exclusive 'Ultimate Cooking Manual' That Sets Us Apart

As the operator of the popular restaurant "Komerotei," known for its long queues and featured in the media, we have developed a unique cooking method that pursues the "quality of rice." We provide detailed explanations and support for achieving consistent rice quality, tailored to various cooking environments, including households, businesses, and industrial settings. We work closely with you to create a stable rice quality system, including rice cookers, kamado pots, earthenware pots, and fully automatic rice robots, adapted to your specific conditions.

SupportTwo Unique Business Support Services by Hachidaime Gihey

Support 01 Proposal Capability to Fulfill the Demands of Professional Chefs

Support 01Proposal Capability to Fulfill the Demands of Professional Chefs

We consider "taste" to be essential at Gihey. We continuously update our proprietary taste database, created by overlaying the results of over 1,000 tastings with our own palate. Based on this database, our strength lies in our ability to shape the preferences held by professional chefs into a reality. We provide rice proposals that go beyond broad categories such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines, delving deeper to create proposals that reflect the unique taste of your establishment. For example, even with sushi rice, we pursue not only "moderate stickiness" but also the "ideal shari (rice) for your establishment" as defined by your head chef, ensuring that you receive rice that you can use with confidence.

Support 02 Brand Collaboration with Hachidaime Gihey

Support 02Brand Collaboration with Hachidaime Gihey

Through helping you bring the preferences of professional chefs to life and offering the best rice experience possible, we contribute to improved word-of-mouth for your business. We are fully committed to supporting your business through brand collaboration with Hachidaime Gihey. We offer support for seasonal menu development, strategies, differentiation from competitors, and more, using rice as the core element. There have been cases where the Hachidaime Gihey logo has been used as a symbol of dedication in promotions. Please note that there are criteria for using the brand, including rice grade and cooking method training.

Transaction FlowFlow from Inquiry to Introduction

For companies looking for a supplier of Japanese Sushi Rice, we will explain the flow from inquiry to introduction. With thorough listening and the proposal power of professionals that satisfies your preferences, we shape the ideal rice. Please feel free to contact us.

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    We will inquire about the purpose of using rice in your establishment, rice cooking conditions, challenges, as well as your desired rice in detail.

  • 02



    We will provide free samples tailored to your preferences. We also offer tasting comparisons and advice on cooking methods.

  • 03
    Transaction Procedure

    Transaction Procedure

    Transaction Procedure

    We will explain the check sheet and support system to maintain rice quality after introduction.

  • Start of Transaction
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    Cooking Instruction Workshop

    Cooking Instruction Workshop* If necessary

    Cooking Instruction Workshop* If necessary

    Our Five-Star Rice Masters provide rice cooking lectures on-site. We can also conduct them online.