Creating a new rice taste by experiencing a rich knowledge and tasting numerous rice

Rice meisters of HachidaimeGihey taste rice everyday."How's sweetness?" "How's smell?" "How's throat crossing?" They detect sensitive information emitted from rice sensitively with their mouth and nose, share their thoughts gained from eating, and share it internally.We try to create a new taste of rice by experiencing the abundant knowledge and the eating habits of many rice.This is the custom of rice meisters in the eighth line of the ritual.

Also, sharing the taste impression is not only grasping the taste of rice, it is also a training to convey the taste of rice to people.This action is indispensable in order to suggest rice suitable for customers.Although it is a digression, the impression of rice expressed by the sensibility of rice meister themselves is evaluated among rice meisters.This is a very delicate task that needs for expression power and sense.

Seven criteria for evaluating the taste of rice

HachidaimeGihey established seven standards for "deliciousness of rice".Rice meisters review the taste of rice according to this standard.While interacting with rice, we will review each item.In the scoring using a machine, we judge the taste from the amount of ingredients contained in rice, but judging the deliciousness that people feel is the motto of the taste of HachidaimeGihey.


Whitness:Whether it is not excessively polished.
Too much rice polish will peel off the layer of umami.


shine:Whether the cooked rice is shiny or not.
Unique rice milling method By the beautiful skin milling rice, rice is shiny as if the rice was moisturized.


Smell:Whether the comfortable fragrance of the material will appetite.
The moment of opening the rice cooker - At the moment when you put it on the plate, the scent is different.


Sweetness:Whether there is a moment to feel sweetness, such as tongue tips, back of the throat, upper jaw, nose, throat etc.
The delicious rice makes me feel the sweetness at the moment.


Texture:Whether you feel a grain of rice in your mouth.
Let's unravel the rice without chewing.Rice which is bitten is not a good texture.


Stickiness:Whether there is a comfortable chewing response to bounce the jaw.
You feel good rice is a rich texture in the grains.


“Nodogoshi”feeling of food going down your throat:Whether you feel grain at the moment when rice goes through your throat.
Bad rice may clog through the throat.

Commitment to rice