Pollished rice

You seem to be particular about polishing rice to deliver delicious rice, are not you?

It is our rice milling method to peel the brown rice layer without ruining the rice as much as possible.If it compares it to a fish, when you cut the raw fish with a sharp knife, the section is beautiful, but cutting the sashimi with a kitchen knife with a knife decocted will change the texture of the sashimi.There is a method called friction and grinding in the milled rice, and heat is generated by friction.Then, the original taste of rice disappears.The way of polishing rice is a very important point for the delicious rice.

We stick to "low-temperature polished rice" with the desire to deliver the taste of rice that farmers made without hurting.Compared with general milled rice, the temperature during milling is kept as low as 10 degrees.

The effect of low-temperature milled rice is that rice grain is not easily broken.If it cracks, its mouthfeel becomes worse.The second is that the water retaining membrane on the surface of the rice grain is kept.Because of low temperature, one grain of rice holds moisture and becomes rice which is easy to eat.If the water retaining membrane is lost in milled rice where frictional heat is generated, the rice tends to fill up and deliciousness will be impaired.Rice of low-temperature polished rice is "fresh rice" It is delicious for fish to be fresh.The freshness is not only matter of rice milling date but also the first rice milling process is influenced.

Many circulated rice tends to taste the texture as "rough", but our rice polished at low temperature has a texture of "smooth".Feeling of food or drink going down your throat is good.That is why, "I can refill many bowls of rice in Kome Ryotei, HachidaimeGihey " has been popular.

How is the difference from rice sold at supermarkets?

Since rice which is sold at supermarkets is milled in large quantities at once, the frictional heat of rice tends to rise easily.Moreover, there is a tendency to polish excessively so as not to eliminate their customers complaint.

Commitment to rice