Rice Meister System

27 rice meisters belong

"Rice Meister" is a qualification that are accredited by Nichibenren as knowledge such as rice's "explanatory ability", "blend technique", "how to cook delicious rice" 27 members (as of July 2016) belong to HachidaimeGihey.

It is qualified to give a person qualified by Nichibenren such as rice's "explanatory ability", "blend technology", "how to cook delicious rice".We use the knowledge and concentrate on making delicious rice.By the way, the rice meister is divided into two kinds, "three stars" and "five stars", and five-star rice meister is only 372 people (as of June 2014) in the whole country.Eight people of this five-star rice meister are enrolled in HachidaimeGihey.

Commitment to rice