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What is delicious rice?

About the appearance, they are shine, whiteness, good smell.When you put rice in your mouth, it seems like you will melt moisture that is well covered with rice, a texture that melts at the moment, stickiness when you chew rice and resilience comes out throat coming.It is to be able to taste these parts instantaneously.

On the contrary, the factor that does not make the taste of rice is the rough feeling clinging to the grain at the moment of putting it in your mouth, and the feeling of parashes that cling to the throat.Although there is part of superiority and inferiority of the rice itself, more than that it actually changes greatly depending on the milling method of rice.

If you really know the taste of rice, you will find the desire from the heart of wanting to eat rice, but you can not taste it with eating out, you can not even taste the selling rice.That is because consumers are offering only options that can only judge rice in brands and production areas.And the rice which you eat is considered to be "the taste of rice".

There are many people who say Koshihikari from Uonuma is the most delicious. Is it true?

The answer is true and not true.There is always a delicious rice of ??production area anywhere in Japan.Among them, rice of Uonuma in Niigata Prefecture can be said to be a land where delicious rice can be easily produced as both a geographical environment and a climate.However, not all of the farmers' rice made in Uonuma are tasty.By farmers, there are different ways, conditions and their soil are different.

However, the traditional way of selling brands and production areas in front is that all of the production areas have been packed as delicious rice.Of course there are areas where delicious rice can be harvested.However, the making of rice will change according to the year.Not a limited production area, but everywhere all over Japan, some farmers make delicious rice.Uonuma city expanded due to merger of municipalities, but rice which was a different production name until last year will not suddenly become delicious when it comes to Uonuma from this year.

We often receive questions such as "Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture is the most delicious, is not it?" or "What rice in the producing area is tasty?",There is a possibility that delicious rice can be produced in any locality.However, if you misunderstand how to treat rice, delicious rice will not become tasty.It tends to be thought that how to treat is a matter of water reduction or how to cook.Indeed, although there are also such factors, I would like you to know that the connoisseur of rice and milled rice separate delicious and not delicious.I will explain about polishing rice later.

What are the criteria for picking this rice delicious?

I watch the appearance as described above and taste the texture in the mouth.Many people think that they choose rice as a single item to taste,but in my case, I judge that "rice delicious" including comprehensively whether it should be handled as a single item or rice suitable for blending.

Because people 's tastes are diverse, they are compatible with rice as well.In this era, some sticky rice seems to be caught up by the indicator "delicious rice", but some people like stiff rice, for example.I hope you can choose rice according to your taste.

What is "smell of rice" different from "flavor of rice"?

"Sweetness" is simply felt when you put rice in your mouth.Sweetness also has various widths.Even the same sugar, the sweetness of granulated sugar and brown sugar is different.The sweetness of rice is a gentle sweetness that you feel faintly.

"Taste" is a comprehensive taste that spreads by chewing rice including sweetness.Therefore, the word "delicious" is a comprehensive word.The opposite of "delicious" is "terrible" When you taste rice, you can see the "whiteness", "shine", "fragrance" that you can understand at the moment of opening the rice cooker, in addition to checking items,"stickiness""taste" "sweetness" "texture" "throat" that you can understand when you put rice into your mouth.I also cherish the point that the rice feels "delicious" or "terrible" for me.

What is the sense of throat(feeling of food or drink going down your throat)?

It is a feeling that it melts when you put rice in your mouth and bite it once.If it says fish, is it a texture of a toro?In the case of a toro it is fat, but like the rice also putting it in my mouth, it melts quickly, I use the expression "delicious".Conversely, even if you do not delicious rice is put in your mouth, it will not go through the throat quite easily.Rice which is inadvertently swallowed, not swallowing passively, feels "not tasty".

How do you purchase rice?

Every year I travel around the production areas all over Japan.And each production area sends rice which "the best harvested rice the year" and I check their taste.Since the taste of rice is different every year, I check the taste while thinking about the climate of that year and decide to purchase.A strength of our rice selection is not to fix the production area.It is not important of the brands and production areas.Even if it is the same brand name or production area, we check the taste every year.I donot do thing of "This year's rice is not delicious, but I will continue to order for farmers' relationship." We are buying on deliciousness based on taste.

On the other hand, even if the taste is lower than usual, blending with other rice may result in rice more than usual.As I continue to eat it, compared to last year, whether it is compared with two years ago, how it is with the rice, etc. there is a database of rice taste accumulated.

Is it true that brand new is tasty?

It's true. Rice is harvested only once a year.Immediately after harvest, it is the most fresh, and the rest will degrade.Nonetheless, it is a professional job to continue delivering delicious rice throughout the year.One of the techniques is "blended rice" mentioned earlier.

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