What do you make blended rice?

First of all, try eating one kind of rice, we judge that it is better to eat this rice as a single item or if you blend with that rice we can create 120% deliciousness.I always think about the taste of rice while thinking about what kind of rice is compatible. At the same time, it classifies it into two types of soft rice and solid rice.Furthermore, we classify them into two types, rice with sweetness first and coming later.

It is a point to blend rice with blended rice based on soft rice.Formulation may be 3: 1 or 2: 1.There may be close to 1: 1.Depending on the year and season, we change formulation to 5%.Over the years we have repeatedly tried to change the blend formulation of rice and tasted.However, blended rice is not a purpose. it is a method to deliver delicious rice.

The charm of blended rice is that it can be multiplication, not addition.If it is compared to wine, it is a light body with a single item, but by blending it becomes a full body with a rich and profound feeling.By blending we can make more tastefulness.

It seems to change rice and formulation used for blended rice depending on the season, but does the taste of rice change with the season?

We are keeping rice in a warehouse in Kyoto with a room temperature of 17 degrees and a humidity of 65%.Nonetheless, rice is a living species, so when early spring comes before rice planting they use energy to bud.Then, the original sweetness of rice is used in and the taste of rice gradually deteriorates little by little.Therefore, keeping it in low temperature condition prevents seeds from waking up, but we can not prevent it 100%.

Nonetheless, not all rice that has passed since harvesting is tasty.For example, some rice is strong in the summer.Also, depending on the region, some rice can be harvested in August, some rice can be harvested in November.By blending the rice harvested in November after the beginning of spring you can also keep the original taste of rice.

Certainly the new rice is delicious, but I do not like the idea of ??"it is delicious because it is brand new."I believe that there is the meaning of my connoisseur that the rice of HachidaimeGihey is a brand that you can think that rice is delicious throughout the year.

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